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2009-08-30 00:06:14 by IpCrash3r

So, I've been trying to plan my remake of "All Along the Watchtower" but I seem to keep getting interrupted. I've decided to record and release a song I wrote a while ago. It's been going well so far, except that my pedalboard driver is not supported by Fruity Loops, so I can't record straight into it. Everything I've done so far, I've had to do in Sound Recorder *ARGGGH* then import into FL studio which is a pain in the ass. I might go get myself Pro Tools, or go back to Audioacity. I might check the forums as well, and see what they recommend.


2009-07-15 02:15:55 by IpCrash3r

Currently thinking about ditching my current project to do a Battlestar Galactica final five theme remix. I can use my guitar and techno skills together to make something ultimate. I'll have to debate this : /


Why allo thar

2009-07-12 02:54:50 by IpCrash3r

Made this account so I can start posting some of my music and start spreading it. I play mainly guitar and piano, but I am starting to dabble with Fruity Loops when I have the time.

My setup is a Gibson Les Paul BFG, with a 200 watt Laney backing me up. I usually use a Boss GT-10 for my effects. (LOOPERS RULE).

Anyways, hope to contribute lots to the community.

- Crash3r